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    Reliable Television Repair Services in Nairobi and all around Kenya for all common TV problems

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    Television Repair services Nairobi KENYA
  • Samgung, LG, Sony, Hisense Televisions repair

    TV repairs for all Television Brands in the market, in Nairobi and Kenya

    *Get repair services for all television brands in Kenya

    Samgung, LG, Sony, Hisense Televisions repair

TV Screen Repair

TV Motherboards

TV Sound Repair

TV Display Repair

Television Repair Experts

Television Repair in Nairobi, Kenya and TV Spare Parts

Television Repair Services

Enjoy the best Television Repair Services in Nairobi, Kiambu, Kajiado, Machakos, Kenya Repair Services are rendered by experienced technicians equipped with state of the art tools and equipement. Repairs can be done at home, office or at our workshops in Westlands and Nairobi CBD. The list of repairs we offer :

  • Television Screen Repair and Replacement
  • Television Motherboard repair
  • Television Signal Repair
  • Television sound Repair
  • Television Display quality Repair
TV Repair

Television Parts and spares

Have you cracked your television screen and you need a replacement? Is yout television sound system broken ? Or maybe the signal is not as strong as it used to be ? Are you experiencing a case of a dim video display yet the TV sound works fine ? You will find our television parts repair, replacement and maintenance services very handy. These are the parts you can get

  • Television Screens (LCD, LED, OLED, PLASMA)
  • TV Motherboards, Electronic Boards & PCBS
  • Television Speakers & Sound systems
  • TV Casings, Wall Mounts,
  • TV Remote controls
TV Spare Parts

TV Repair in Nairobi and Spare Parts for all Types of Televisions : Our Technicians Fix them all

TV spare parts in Nairobi Kenya, screens, motherboards


LCD Television Repair in Nairobi, LCD Screen Repair and Replacement

OLED Television Repair in Nairobi, OLED Screen Repair and Replacement


OLED Television Repair in Nairobi, OLED Screen Repair and Replacement

LCD Television Repair in Nairobi, LCD Screen Repair and Replacement


LCD Television Repair in Nairobi, LCD Screen Repair and Replacement

CRT Television Repair in Nairobi, CRT Screen Repair and Replacement


CRT Television Repair in Nairobi, CRT Screen Repair and Replacement


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Television Repair Services in Nairobi and Kenya

Having trouble with your TV ? A living room without a working television can be a source of many a problems in a home. Get it fixed and restore some human silence. Here is what you can get done for : From screens, signal, speakers, wifi connectivity, motherboards, to wall mounts and other solutions. Television Repair in Nairobi at home is available

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TV Repair tips

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Repair services for all TV Brands in Nairobi, Kenya

Television Brands
That We Repair

We fix an array of television brands from the most common ones to the rest including LG, Samsung, Hisense, Sanyo, Sony, panasonic and More

Coverage Locations for our TV Repairs in Nairobi & Kenya

Locations where we offer television repair services

Nairobi County

Television Repair Services and TV Spare Parts in Nairobi County, Kenya

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Kiambu County

Television Repair Services and TV Spare Parts in Kiambu County, Kenya

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Machakos County

Television Repair Services and TV Spare Parts in Machakos County, Kenya

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Kajiado County

Television Repair Services and TV Spare Parts in Kajiado County, Kenya

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